Top 5 inspirational youth members in the media

The media is one of the most sensitive profession. Most people consider it to be a do or die profession. It is through the media that safe-guarding the nation’s interests is realized hence the notion that experience works wonders in the media fraternity. However, many young persons keep on getting the notion brushed aside by reshaping the media approaches of-course with the help of many other seasoned journalists. In today’s edition we look into some of the new persons in media who have worked extensively to contribute in the reshaping of the media industry.


Letlhogile is a sport journalist with one of Botswana’s leading newspapers Botswana Gazette. Though a sport journalist he contributes extensively in all sections of the paper. He pours out his heart in the profession amd carries it with great poise. Letlhogile is a heavy interviewer, he nails the question in a way that only him can craft.


Kabo is a silent killer, he watches from a distance but kills at it. He is a freelance journalist with Business Weekly and Review. The young man has been making major contributions in the paper from front page to the back page. He makes no noise but seats in his corner while he waits to hit at naming and shaming.


Lebowa is a go-getter. She gets what she needs. Her love for the profession goes unsurpassed. She challenges herself but aleays deliver on the task. Lebowa is a sport journalist with Yarona FM and the Echo newspaper. She contributes well in the sport section.


Though Tlhabo has never been to a media school but he sure knows how the media fraternity facets are went about. He recently garnered himself an award as electronic journalist of the year with Business Botswana. He has been a freelance journalist with BOPA, Gabz FM and at some point he has had to write business news for the Botswana Gazette.


Dimpho is a freelance journalist with CBET publications (Botswana Guardian & Midweek Sun). He has been contributing in many sections of the paper from news, business, entertainment and sport. He is a co-founder at The Parrot News Online and also a journalist at Botswana Youth Magazine. He is an author of a newly released book called Pricked.


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