Top steps in coming out as homosexual

Leading gay rights organisation LEGABIBO has been making rounds in the news for trying to reach out in helping more young women and men in helping getting their sexuality understood. But coming out as homosexual remains a prick for these youngsters as it has been revealed by the said organisation. In today’s edition we bring you tips on how to come out to family and friends.

If family or friends react in a negative way, it won’t necessarily be how they always feel. Give them time to get used to the news. First reactions aren’t always lasting reactions.

If you are really nervous about coming out to family or friends, consider writing them a letter telling them, then follow up with a phone call or visit. This allows the recipient time to get used to the news, but you still retain control of the situation.

Staying in control of the news should always remain with the person who is coming out. So it’s important so think about this when choosing how to do it. While you should use whichever medium you feel most comfortable with – face-to-face, phone call, text, email, social media – it’s worth bearing in mind that some offer more privacy than others. If you don’t want everyone to know at once, consider using more old-fashioned methods of communication. If you want to come out to one family member at a time, remember to tell them that as you share your news.

If you are not sure of how certain significant people in your life may react, it’s a good idea to build a support network around you first. This could mean coming out to one person whom you trust and are reasonably confident will be supportive. If necessary, have that person with you when you come out to others.

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