Unsang heroes you need to know about in our sporting rounds

Today we bring you 3 of the people that get unnoticed but have been putting together the sporting needs in the country. These are people that newspapers have not written about, they are not talked about in radios but are making extensive efforts in giving a great shape in our sporting fraternity. The five of these people have travelled the world gathering experience and they continue to give shape to our sport. They are young, active and are giving the sporting industry a song to dance along. Some are players, some coaches and others administrators.


Leatile is a passionate netballer. In the just ended MySpar My Botswana netball league he made strides with his team Police. They won both the men and ladies categories. He has been travelling the country either as a player or a coach. He gives insightful criticisms to players and other coaches for growth. He has been involved with netball for many years now. He makes netball a priority in all his doings.


Born into a family of tennis Lefa Sibanda had no choice but to play the sport. He is currently the number 1 national seniors player after reaching the finals of the just ended Motor Centre Botswana Open tennis championships. He has been playing the ball out. He has represented Botswana in almost every other competition that the country has ever fielded players on in the tennis competitions. He recently beat veteran tennis player in Africa Martin Zowa of Zimbabwe at the Futures event that were held in Zimababwe.

KGOSANA MASASENG (football union Botswana)

Kgosana Masaseng has been work extensively to ensure that the football fraternity is reshaped for the better. Together with his association, he has been ensuring that the players are well represented. The representation of players has been his priority and he delivers on it diligently.


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