Vision 2016 Youth Forum Invites Youth To A Conference.

Vision 2016 Youth Forum has a vision to drive, facilitate monitor and evaluate progress towards the achievement of the Vision 2016 pillars. This youth NGO will be hosting a 2 day conference divided into sessions and both days 1st session starts 7:30 am. Young people are encouraged to bring an open mind so asΒ to come and share their thoughts regarding Vision 2016.


The purpose of the Conference is:
1. To Evaluate youth participation in the pillars of vision 2016
2. To Evaluate impact of youth programs
3. To disseminate findings on the role played by young people across the Seven pillars vision 2016
4. To Develop post Vision 2016 recommendations that support the formulation of sustainable strategies promoting youth participation in development.


Tlotlo Hotel And Conference Centre.


14-15 December 2015.

The conference is free of charge. Every one is welcome

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