Worst reasons for losing weight

Weight is still a prick espeacilly to women. They hold a number of reason for wanting to lose weight. But it has since come to our attention that somw of the reasons for wanting to lose weight are uncalled for and are unnecessary. Today we give you some of those worst reasons.

Because overweight people don’t β€œdeserve”…

Buried deep in most of our subconsciousnesses are notions that overweight people don’t deserve to eat, don’t deserve to be happy, don’t deserve to be loved.

We think these things because society has rammed them down our throats. Corporations that sell weight loss products, clothing, make up, perfumes, and the like all make more money the worse we feel about ourselves. Advertisements promise us that if we buy a particular outfit we will be attractive and all our woes will go away…. corporations aren’t sellingΒ clothingΒ to usΒ per se,Β but rather the dream of all the positive qualities we might have if we decide to buy their stuff.

So they deliberately manipulate us to keep us feeling down on ourselves. This is a very, very real thing.

One thing you can do to help mitigate feeling this way is shutting yourself away from media, catalogs, and the like as much as possible. Ignoring them will help lessen the din they can create in your head.

And the rest of the time you simply need to remind yourself that your amount of body fat has nothing to do with how good of a person you are, how productive you are, how rich and full your life is, how much you have to be grateful for, and so much more. You areΒ not your body size,Β and your body size does not mean you deserve less.

You deserve everything that is good and beautiful, because you are human.

Because being overweight Β is β€œimmoral” and β€œlazy”

Just like thinking we don’t deserve things, we tend to think that body fat is a signal that someone is lazy.

This could not be further from the truth.

I know plenty of super slothful, super lazy humans who eat crappy food andΒ are quite thin.

I also know plenty of heavier people who are super hard workers, ambitious go-getters and world changers, who eat almost nothing but beautifully clean paleo diets.

No one’s body fat percentage reveals anything about their food habits.Β No one’s food choices say anything about how moral or lazy they are as a human being.


Because men think its hot

So lots of heterosexual women want to lose weight because of the opinion of men.

And I understand to an extent – our society does, for one, have a fair number ofΒ men whoΒ hate,Β who literallyΒ hate,Β overweight women. I don’t really understand why, except maybe these men just don’t like that overweight women haven’t conformed to the patriarchy demand that all women become as thin as possible.

But for men who are reasonably well educated and a part ofΒ your social groups, having a super slim body really doesn’t mean much of anything.

When it comes down to it, heterosexual men likeΒ women,Β and if anything particularly sways them to find them attractive, it’s the embodied, confident way in which women inhabit their bodies that excites them the most, not fitting into a perfect size. It’s the happy way in which women who are comfortable with who they are are more than happy to be themselves.

The race to super lean bodies is less driven by men than it is by women. Ask almost any man and he’ll say he’s more than happy to be with a woman who’s got some meat on her bones. It’s only we women who impose on ourselves the idea that we have to be thin in order to be attractive or loved.

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