Wynter Mmolotsi Writes An Open Letter To President Khama

It’s never a dull moment within the political spectrum of our country. BMD Vice President Wynter Mmolotsi has just taken to popular social media network Facebook to reach out to our first citizen, His Excellency President Khama. Just a few days ago, he used the same method to relay a message to the Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration Eric Molale. Read his open letter to the President below;

Your Excellency Khama.

Good afternoon Sir.

It is with great sadness that I have to write you today.

Kindly note that I am compelled to use this mode of communication because we never meet anywhere. I attend parliament religiously hoping to meet and have a chat with you but you never show up. Anyway my issues are as follows

1. Our nation is so polarized because of your administration. It never used to be wrong to associate with anybody in this country but today life is different. My BDP friends find it difficult to visit me and they also do not want to be seen with me or anybody from the opposition. This is not the Botswana i know.

2. BDP MP’s are not free to express their views in parliament because they are afraid of you. A lot of them are so unhappy that sometimes they don’t sleep at nite because of what they are forced to do in parliament. I provide counseling to many of them.

3. Batswana do not like the way you treat the unions and other public officers but they are afraid to tell you. They also feel that you should apologize to the unions. They are also very angry with the way you treat the judiciary. Infact they were very happy today after learning that you lost a case against the law society of Botswana. They were celebrating your loss and it was very nice. I celebrated with them because it was in the national interest.

4. Batswana feel that their taxes are wasted. They want somebody to account for the legal fees we pay all the time after losing cases at the high court. They also want to know why we never win cases. I think I am also interested to know who your legal advisor is, just so that I don’t consider his services in future.

5. Batswana do not want the evm and they do not want to hide it. In fact some have even told Rre Seeletso that they are going to kick that machine if they ever come across it. They believe so much that you are introducing this machine in order to rig elections. I think if you still believe that BDP can win elections then you should abandon the evm.

6. Batswana do not want you to fly government helicopters when you are on retirement. They want you to buy your personal helicopter and boats as well as motorbikes. They want you to use the same law that is being used by the other retired presidents.

7. I want to end this by pleading with you to accept that the PSBC is a product of the 2008 Public service act. If you don’t like it kindly learn to live with it so that we can make progress. You know there are a lot of things I don’t like in our constitution like the automatic succession but I have learnt to live with it. I hope it is not too difficult.

Have a great evening your excellency and may the Good Lord guide and protect you as you wind up for retirement.


Wynter Mmolotsi

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