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I Am Depressed Most Of The Time- Khumo Kgwaadira

A lot of people have come out recently to raise awareness on depression and share their stories. Many people have mysteriously commited suicide and it has been assumed that they did that because of depression. Recently a young lady jumped from the MYSC flats killing herself in the process and it is believed that she was depressed and never shared her story with anyone.

A few days a South African socialite and radio presenter who many described as a ‘happy soul’ died because of depression. Local media personality Khumo Kgwaadira aka MissGeekays came out to share that she also battles with depression most times adding that it must be the reason she is fat(not that we notice the ‘fat’,she has gaiined weight but fat,nah) as she has found comfort in food. She advised her followers to keep checking on their loved ones.

“This year make it a habit to constantly check on your friends family (relatives )and colleagues.Trust me a phone call makes a difference.People are going through a lot and they feel so lonely.Even the happiest energetic souls are the saddest .I am depressed most of the time maybe that’s why I’m fat ,I have found comfort in food and sleep but SOMEHOW I manage to get up and do what I love (Radio)Let’s love one another”



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