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Nothing Will Come To You If You Are Lazy-Berry Heart

Berry Heart has a strong message for her fans. The poet took to social media to address and give hope to the broke and unemployed adding that she knows how it is to be jobless with a university degree.

She advised her followers to keep trying to achieve their dreams and stop being lazy because nothing comes to  you when you are lazy.

“Greetings loved ones, today I want to address the unemployed and broke because I was there at a certain point feeling useless and worthless. I had no one. It is painful to be jobless with a University degree. In my case it was even worse because I did not want to apply for a job and my family was expecting me to finish school, work and help them. I wanted to start a business, without capital? Now that was ambition. I had a registered company from my allowance as a University of Botswana student.(What have you done with your allowance?). One day I found an invitation to tender for Debswana in the newspaper. While I did not have a bank account and many other requests, I applied anyway. My dad and I prayed and one day I received a call from Debswana that my company was among the shortlisted companies and was called for an interview/presentation. One thing I knew was that with my eloquence in speech, if given a chance to speak, I have very high chances of winning. You see, talking is my biggest strength and talent (talent identification, success begins with knowing and understanding your talent) .
I dropped from a combi, pulled out my red broken umbrella and walked to Debswana Headquarters through hot waves of the scorching summer Sun. Upon my arrival at the waiting room, I cleaned my dusty feet and wore the high heels that were on my handbag. I washed my face and dried it with toilet paper. I had no make up then or knowledge of applying it thereof. It was my turn. I mesmerized them and I got the job. I remember opening my business account with that cheque every banker bowing at me. Child, money has power and respect. People will love and respect you when you have money. Money is power. That is the unfortunate fact…That Debswana cheque changed my life. I opened my office and started my music with it. Determination, prayer and persistence. The truth of the matter is your money of luck or blessing lies where you least expect it. You just have to keep trying. Oh by the way, nothing, nothing will come to you if you are lazy. One more try, one more try. Modimo ga a rate botshwakga. Go out there today and claim your cheque. It is somewhere waiting for you.” She shared

Berry Heart is undoubtedly one of the most hardworking young people. She is certainly not gifted when it comes to singing but her hard work has taken her places. She has been able to get herself international collaborations. She collaborated with an Indian singer about three months back, a project that saw her travelling to and performing in India and exposed her to new audiences.

She is currently worked with a man known for his spiritual healing powers in Ghana, Nana Kwaku Bonsam on a new track titled The Bible.




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