10 Ways To Be A Lovable Person!

Everyone wants to be loved, when people love you it makes you feel good about yourself. Granted we live in a world where love is slowly deteriorating, but there are some people out there who still manage to be lovable and likable.Β This is not something that’s going to happen overnight, but the more you practice accepting and loving yourself and loving other people, the more people are likely to love you!


1. Love People.

You attract what you are.Β The more you love people, the more love you’ll attract to yourself. This doesn’t mean that you need to love every single person you come across, but it means you have to show people that you are worth their love. Give as much as you want to receive.

2. Don’t Push People Away.

It can be really easy to wall yourself off from loving other people, especially if you’ve been hurt in romance or friendships in the past. Being open tends to cause people to be drawn to you. DoΒ not shut yourself down even after experiencing a difficult romantic or friendship betrayal.

3. Choose Who You Love Carefully.

While you don’t want to shut yourself off from love, you should be careful about who you love. Lovability doesn’t just come about because you make yourself lovable. It comes about because you pick the people who can love you best.

4. Express Your Need For Love In A Positive Way.

Everyone needs love, everyone. Some people might pretend that they don’t, it’s simply a pretense. Because of this you need to learn to express your need for love in a way that isn’t needy, or whiny, or demanding, or controlling.

5. Be Kind To All.

You shouldn’t just practice kindness towards people you hope will love you. Make kindness your default way of dealing with everyone, including people who are difficult. Kindness isn’t rolling over and taking everyone’s ridiculousness, but it does mean that you see people as human beings and worthy of kindness and empathy.

6. Take Loving Action For Other People.

Being lovable means being kind and one aspect of kindness is helping other people. You can help someone by holding a door for them, offering to carry their groceries, driving your grandmother to a doctor’s appointment.

7. Cultivate Gratitude.

Being appreciative of the world can open you up in more positive ways than if you shut yourself down. This is especially true when you’re feeling less than happy with yourself or with the world. People are more attracted to people who are positive in their habits.

8. Smile.

There’s nothing like having a bad day and seeing the smile of someone you don’t even know, or even the smile of good friend. Smiling to othersΒ is acknowledgement and kindness.Β It also makes you seem more approachable when you smile. People often pair approachability with lovableness.

9. Be Social.

You don’t have to be the center of every single party, but cultivating some good social skills will help you be successful when you’re out in the world and meeting people. Eye contact and smiling, obviously go along with this.

10. Be A Good Listener.

True listening is a skill that’s gone out of style. So often people don’t feel like they’re being heard by the people in their own life and it’s something that most people desperately want.Β When someone is talking to you, make eye contact. Ask questions to show that you’re listening, or if you space out for a moment or get distracted, ask for clarification.

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