10 Signs You Have A Frenemy In Your Squad

10 Signs You Have A Frenemy In Your Squad. There is a thin line between love and hate, so it gets difficult to know if your friends are the real deal or not. Frenemies are those people in your life who purport to be friends but do some oddly enemy-like things to you on more than an occasional basis, and in a way that seems pretty predetermined to unsettle you. Observe the following points.

1. Social Media Pictures

The only pictures she puts up on social media are of you with your eyes closed or in an embarrassing pose. The pictures of you looking gorgeous never seem to find their way into any of her albums ever. Sure sounds suspicious!

2. Doesn’t Celebrate Your Achievements With You

Fake friends act like they enjoy your achievements, but they may also complain and make you feel guilty about something exciting in your life. A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms. Similarly, a good friend does not constantly worry about competing with or outdoing you.

3. Not A Good Listener

We all go through some tough times in our lives, so we need people who can listen to us in our times of need. A fake good friend only gives you the half listen, putting a lot of effort into acting like he or she is extremely interested and listening, but no effort into actually listening.

4. His Or Her Reactions

When you are going through a tough time, a real friend will be there for you, and empathizes with you. A fake friend will start pointing fingers and make insinuations that you could have done better to avoid the situation.

5. Gossiping Behind Your Back

If someone can talk bad things about you behind your back, they are nowhere near being your friends. You do not have to sell yourself too shot for such a fake friendship. A friend keeps your secrets, good or bad.

6. Instant Attention

They will want to be your friends five minutes after you have met. Β They ask for a lunch date, friend you on Facebook, and start texting all in the same day. A real friend values your alone time.

7. Criticism Given As Humor

Frenemies love the put down, usually given in front of others. When challenged, they generally claim it was intended to be light-hearted, opening the door for a second slam. β€œGee, I was only kidding. Some people just can’t take a joke.”Frenemies love sarcasm, and they are masters of the β€œWho, me?” expression.

8. Digging Up Dirt

Frenemies feed on negative information and always dig for more. If you say you’re feeling a bit down, they’ll want to know why. Was it a fight with your spouse? Are you depressed? Tomorrow, they’ll press further. β€œHow’s it going with your sister, still not speaking?”

9. Sabotage

A frenemy will show up five minutes late on your big day, signalling to the team that their agenda is more important. The frenemy will ask you to clarify an embarrassing misstatement in public rather than in private, saying that they β€œjust want to be sure we’re all hearing the same thing.”

10. Intuition

If you have the persistent feeling that someone in your relational web cannot be trusted or has an ulterior motive in seeking your friendship, pay attention because you’re probably right.

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