4 Reasons You Should Embrace a Cold Weather Workout This Season

Your Metabolism is Stoked

The body has to expend additional energy to stay warm, so exercising in the cold yields a higher caloric expenditure. This has a particular effect on brown fat cells (an energy-burning fat commonly found in athletes and those with a high lean muscle ratio).

Get Essential Vitamin D

It’s easy to quickly become vitamin D deficient. Even when it’s cold, getting outside for a sweat can help you get in the recommended 1,000 to 2,000s IUs recommended each day. So exercising becomes vital.

It can help you pick up the pace

You don’t want to be out there longer than you have to be, right? Well good news: a brisk chill can actually make you move faster.

You’ll be happier

Staying active can help to provide you with a necessary mood boost.



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