10 Ways To Successfully Deal With Nosy Neighbors

In Botswana our neighbors become a big part of us, when you have problems they are the first to help, and when you celebrate, the make the first guests on your invitation list. Then there is that thin line between being friendly and being nosy. If you have prying eyes and inappropriate questions coming at you from the houses next door or behind you, it’s time to take action. Use these easy ways to deal with nosy neighbors and you’ll solve the problem in no time.

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1. Consider The Problem.

In order to deal with with nosy neighbors, you need to fully understand the situation. Know how long this has been going on, and if that neighborhood allows for such behavior. If you are planning to stay there for a longer time, then do something about it.

2. Find Out Why They So Nosy.

Try to understand their motives. If you think that they’re being nosy, then they’re probably violating your privacy in some way, but there must be a reason that they are so curious about your life and habits. Your neighbors might just be very nosy people, but they also might have a genuine reason for asking questions.

3. Talk To The Nosy Neighbor.

Try to learn as much about them as possible without getting too involved. This will help you to identify if there is any malice in their questions, if they are just being nosy to pass the time, or if they are new and need help making friends.

4. Be The Bigger Person.

Do not stoop to their level. Just get on with your business, nonchalantly and happily. Do not be rude or threatening. If they have nothing better to do than watch you all day, then they have wasted their own time, not yours.

5. Pretend You’re Busy.

If you’re busy and you don’t have time to tolerate nosiness, pretend to listen to songs on your phone or iPod. Keep your headphones in your ears while passing through common areas like corridors, lifts, and parks, this discourages any unnecessary contact.

6. Go In Hiding.

Move to your backyard, or choose another spot where they can’t see you. This works for some activities, you can just as easily host a cookout or play catch with your house mate in the backyard as you can in the front, but it is not a permanent fix. It is an avoidance technique.

7. Act Boring.

That gives them less reason to watch. If your neighbors are always asking questions about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, an easy solution can be to simply do nothing. Try your best to seem uninteresting. Resume your activities when your neighbors go away.

8. Tighten Up Your Security.

This may be a wise choice if you think your neighbors are snooping around on your property. Keep your house locked. If you go on vacation, install a security system or video cameras. Ask another neighbor to keep an eye on your property while you’re away, in case the nosy neighbor starts snooping around. Consider getting a guard dog.

9. Be Elusive And Disarming.

If they go outside, go back in and come out in 5 minutes. Wave at them vigorously and say “hi, how are you?” Ask them if you can borrow a cup of sugar or their lawnmower. If you keep asking for things, your neighbors may start hiding from you.

10. Ask About Them.

This can unsettle nosy people who don’t like the feeling that you are nosing on them. If they aren’t nosy and it’s in your head, this is a great conversation starter.

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