A Locally Designed Dress By iZaura To Be Displayed At Macy’s Metro Center In The US

Hard work does pay off at the end. Local designer and owner of iZaura Mothusi Lesolle’s star continues to shine brighter. One of his gowns has been selected to be placed on display for a month at Macy’s Metro Center in the US starting 14th of April to mid May 2017.

Mothusi could not contain his excitement as he shared, “I cannot begin to tell you how I feel on this life changing opportunity. This would have obviously not been possible without the team that stands with iZaura through thick and thin.” He gave special thanks to Julie Juice, who is the face of iZaura saying, “no one would have made this gown believable than yourself, as always you were remarkable. You define my brand well.”Mothusi also did not forget Raees Abdoola who took time to photograph this gown and brought best out of it.

This is one man who did not study fashion design, but he remains a force to be reckoned with in the local fashion industry. Last year he was interviewed by CNN, and that shows how far he works hard to push his brand. The fashion industry in our country is still behind, but with people like Mothusi, we can be at par with other established countries.

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