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A Rape Convict Uses DJ Gouveia’s Name To Lure His Victim

“Maano ga a sire go sita a loso”, Andrew ‘Mox’ Setlhare was convicted of rape early this year and given a 10-year sentence for luring the teenager from Francistown to Tonota on the pretext  there were dance auditions. His case is now before the courts and he is painting the girl as a liar. He argued that they were lovers and denied ever telling the girl that he was DJ Goveiya but only that he was mostly known as Goveiya or Mox in the area.




According to evidence before the trial court, the teenager took the trip to Tonota excited that she was going to the dance auditions without notifying her parents as they had refused to support her dancing career. Following a phone call to inquire where the auditions were being held, she was met by a dirty dreadlocked man who identified himself as the messenger from Goveiya.

“The man was dirty with smelling dreadlocks and I went with him because he said to me that Goveiya was at the venue setting up sound instruments and that he had sent him to collect me, only to find that there were no auditions,” reads the documents. Moreover Setlhare is said to have taken the girl to his home where he sexually assaulted her with threats not to tell anyone and that  no one would believe her even if she reported the incident.

The Directorate of Public Prosecutions stood by their submissions and maintained that Setlhare had raped the girl after lying and threatening her. Judgement will be delivered on July 28.

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