A United Kingdom Film Tickets Going For A Whooping P1,500 Per Person!

The Botswana premiere of the film A United Kingdom has a limited number of tickets for sale to the general public. The film is showing in the early evening of 28 September 2016 at New Capitol Cinemas Riverwalk. They cost P1,500 per person or P2,500 per couple.


The ticket price includes access to the VIP marquee. Please e mail [email protected] or call 72669691 for details on how to secure your tickets. Please note that this event is a charity fund raiser for the Lady Khama Charitable Trust.

As much as it is done for charity,most people are not impressed by the price of the tickets. They argue on the New Capitol Cinema Facebook page that,it only caters for the elite.Β The screening will of this movie will be for a select few only, the rest of the commoners will only watch it come December 9.

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