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Abi Gives Hope To Cancer Patients

Due to the complexity of the disease, many people think that cancer is a death sentence. The good news is that, just like other chronic diseases, if detected early patients can beat cancer and live longer. Miracle child Abien Ntshabele who was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer known as Immature Teratoma is healthy and giving hope to those who are battling cancer.

“There are two steps to cancer. Accepting that you have the disease itself is a big task. Then comes the harder part, the will to move on and finding strength to fight each day. The battles of a cancer survivor go down in the books as inspiration and motivation for many other people,” she said. Since being diagnosed Abi has never let her distract her from fighting cancer.

She encouraged her many well wishers that if even if they get diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, being given a chance to live is priceless. Narrating her positive story she said, “in March 2015 I underwent my life-saving surgery my then very tiny body survived 8 big surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy. I am yet to find courage and the right words to put together to share my experiences. KEEP FIGHTING! Stay positive.” Way to go Chubby Cheeks!!

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