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It is fine to drive a low cash car, I do it too- Says Vee

Trending today is Vee Mampeezy’s video in which he offers advice to the general citizenry in regard to driving a certain car. Vee Mampezzy spotted with one of the DJ’s in the country speaks cheerfully and in jovial mood as they take a ride around the city. In the video he says that there is no point in wanting to be seen with a particular car brand. He further notes that what is important is for one to reach their destination.

“It doesn’t matter what car you drive, here I am with my friend and we are moving from point A to B, that is what is important,” he adviced. He further noted that he sometimes feels the need to leave the big cars home, the big brands, the sport cars and just get go on a corolla because the same place a range rover can get him to is the same place that the same corolla can get him to. Rumor has it that the musician has a number of cars consequently has had people envying him.

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