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Its Official, Bonni Dintwa And Zizi Panther Are Engaged!

Congratulations are in order for former Yarona FM radio personalities Bonni Dintwa and his woman Mimi Mokgwathi, also known as Zizi Panther.After telling the world that he and Zizi are officially engaged, Bonni posted this on Twitter, “Thank you for being the realest.”

Of recent, Bonni has been all lovey dovey on social media, giving relationship tips here and there. “Choose Love. Choose your family. Choose happiness. Find joy even in the most tough times. All we have is now, here, each other. Choose wisely,” he posted.

The 2 lovebirds lost their jobs at Yarona FM early this year, and Bonnie went on social media ranting on how he clashed with the station, “I choose my woman over being a ‘manager’ at another man’s company. I never stop anyone following their heart dawg. I choose her over everything. Money, power, everything.  It’s really that simple,” he said in a comment on Facebook.” Congratulations once again.


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