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Kagiso Morebodi Chosen As March Hero By US Embassy In Botswana

He is without a doubt one of the most influential young people in the country. Having started a career as a banker, Kagiso founded Remmogo Youth Organization in 2010 to inspire young Batswana towards greater personal and social responsibility.

Props should be given to My African Dream (M.A.D) that gave him the mileage to build trust, win people’s hearts and create fan base across the country. After presenting M.A.D it became easy for him to approach organization to pitch his ideas. Due to the fact that he made a name for himself at M.A.D organizations were more willing to help him with his proposals.

His organization has successfully used a variety of media channels to educate, encourage, and empower youth to take daily responsibility for progressing to achieve their goals. For instance, his social media accounts, providing regular motivational messages, have 12,000 followers, and the Remmogo All Stars’ music video, “A re kopaneng”, has exceeded 63,000 views on Youtube.

He also has a slot on radio in a show called “Monana For Life” on RB2. The show talks about the harsh realities facing adolescents in Botswana. He is the brain behind Botswana Youth Awards 2017, which are only starting this year. After been chosen as the Hero for March he had this to say, “Thank You Lord, all this is because of you. You never fail me! Continue to give me the ability, wisdom and strength do to more for my Country!”

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