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Kast to reach destination tomorrow

The 2017 Tlatsa Lebala crowd puller Kastt is expected to arrive in Gaborone tomorrow.Kast was taking a 2000km walk. The “Sjabana” hitmaker is said to have been walking in petition to set up an arts council in Botswana.


Kast did surely get the same level of support from the the general citizenry like his debut walk which resulted in him staging his Tlatsa Lebala event with a shower of boosts the major one including using the National stadium in Gaborone at no fee.


Kast has been receiving a lot of lashes from the public and the rest of other onlookers in regard to his 2000 km walk with some noting that even though he is saying to be advocating for the Arts council in the country the act is only meant to advance his own selfish desires.


Kast seems to be brushing the bashes he is getting from the public and focusing on his desire to complete his walk.Kast in a recent interview on the national television to say that nonetheless he will complete the walk because it us for a good course. It is however uncomfirmed on whether the rapper will stage another Tlatsa Lebala concert.

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