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Living With No Goals, Plans And Vision Has To Stop

Living With No Goals, Plans And Vision Has To Stop

Everytime when we get into the new year, a lot of us start sharing our goals and plans for the new season but more than half of us just say it because it is kind of the norm and everyone else is saying it. Some people however just live with no direction, no dreams, nothing. Media personality and business woman Sesame Mosweu does not like that one bit.

She took to social media to share wirth her followers that that kind of life has to stop.

“This thug life of living with no goals no plans no vision no mantra has to stop. Even your relationship has to have goals. Challenge your partner to go beyond their comfort zone to do better and be better, they have to know you believe in them and so should your friends and family. This year I told my helper she is learning to drive come rain or shine. I’m just that girl. Come on guys, let’s do better.” her post read.

We cannot agree more with what she had to say. Let us leave that thug life behind. lol

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