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Miss Botswana’s ESP Answer Steals The Show

The question and answer session at any local beauty pageant is the most popular. Our beautiful ladies never seize to amaze when it comes to voicing their opinions on national issues. The newly crowned queen Thata Kenosi, has had her fair share of that awkward moment when she delivered her answer this past Friday.


Honestly, out of the 5 Questions,hers was the simplest, as she was asked what she thought could be done to curb the unemployment rate in our country.  She mentioned  ESP, which of course is meant to create jobs, but it’s her delivery and lack of confidence that is making her the subject of ridicule. The beautiful girl should  cut on informal words like “things”…., “things like Esp”…otherwise she was on the right track had she not panicked she could have linked the program to job creation and maybe even offer how best to run it as opposed to pouring all the money in construction.

Our beauty queens definitely  need drilling on wording and answering. A few years back at the very same pageant one said homosexuality is a disease, of which the nation grilled her until she left social media. It will be helpful for the organizers to encourage aspiring queens to read and research more on socio-economic issues.


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