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Miss World 2016 Photo of the Day (12/6): You Go Thata

Judging from the Miss World social media pages, Thata Kenosi is becoming one of the significant contenders of Miss World 2016. A few days ago her picture trended as it was selected by the organizers as picture of the day, how dope!


The caption of the picture read, “BEAUTIFUL BOTSWANA: Miss World Botswana poses for a photo in the Hyatt Regency in Washington, DC in a stunning black evening gown. Can she win her country’s first MW title?” With this kind of publicity, there is hope that we might clinch this prestigious tittle, or get a recognizable position.

Thata, was flawless in a black flowing gown, she looked like she has already won the tittle. Her picture got 21 reactions and everyone was rooting for her. MobStar and Miss World are starting the search for Miss World Multimedia 2016. We wish you nothing but the best as you contend for Top 20.


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