Oops! Lack Of Creativity Or Coincidental?

Social media went abuzz this morning with the logo of the 2012 Jamaican 50 years independence celebration put against our very own 2016 logo. To say its plagiarism is an understatement as it implies that the designer at-least designed something that looks like something, but in this case, the user just edited Jamaica’s logo. If it is an original idea, then its one in a million,  that two creative people thousands of miles apart managed to come up with the same concept!


The 3 Chiefs didn’t sail to England for us to be taking such an abysmal step backwards, we’re an authentic people and that logo should amplify that at the very least. Taking another nation’s trademark as our own is not on at all. Bench marking has its limitations, not to the extend of same fonts/type face and design, and replacing the bird with the zebra.

The sad part is that  creative kids roam the streets with no work or prospects. Celebrating a milestone and we do it by adorning branded merchandise with a stolen concept Logo. People in-trusted with over 50 million of our money and couldn’t even make a background check before they selected this stolen concept of a Logo.

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