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Soares Katumbela’s Did Not Commit Suicide

Last week we reported that Jazz Sensation Soares Katumbela has passed on and it was suicide, we apologise to our readers for getting the facts mixed up.

DJ SK as he was known around music circles was allegedly killed when his vehicle burnt down when he was inside


His brother Chitumba Katumbela told the media that last time he spoke to SK was on Tuesday giving him updates of the festival.

He said Katumbela’s wife came to Francistown on Wednesday leaving him in good health. “The wife was here to assist with the preparations of the music show and only yesterday she became worried when her husband’s phone was off and she rushed back to Gaborone. She was surprised to find this sad news. I’m​ in Francistown and from what I have heard from my siblings his body was burnt beyond recognition and the police in conjunction with Transport Department used the car engine to identify the owner. We are still shocked by what happened and at the moment I don’t​ know if the show will continue,” said Katumbela.

Katumbela’s parents are originally from Angola and together with his siblings, they were born and raised in Francistown.

SK  is survived by his five siblings, wife and three kids (girls).


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