Tekno For This Year’s Fables Fest?

Rumor has it that Pana hitmaker Tekno will headline this year’s Fable Fest. Β The Fables of Urban Culture event has been slated for November 4 this year.

Sources have revealed to the media that the organisers of the event are currently in talks with Nigerian superstar Tekno to headline this year’s show

Tekno’s song β€˜Pana’ is currently one of the hottest songs of the times, receiving massive airplay on radio stations throughout Africa and beyond.

Sources close to the organising team claim the deal is done and that an announcement will be made soon.

β€œWe knew we had to go bigger. We brought Rick Ross and that was amazing. We had set the bar high and we had to look beyond our boarders to live up to the hype and they believe that Tekno is the answer,” leaked the source, who insisted on anonymity.

The confirmation rules out rumours that organisers were looking to land American singer-songwriter Trey Songz as this year’s main act.

Fables spokesperson Kenneth Matlholwa said that despite its stellar line-up, last year’s show did not make a profit. As such, he had explained organisers would move towards the RnB genre, whose artists generally come at a cheaper cost, for the 2017 show.

At last year’s event, Rick Ross reportedly pocked a staggering P1.6 million appearance fee.

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