Self realisation

Life is like an ocean where only those with great swimming tactics survive the massive waves and can play around the water waves that claim the lives of those who cannot see life beyond today. Have you ever tried to close your eyes and open them at that instant? Try it: What do you see? Doesnโ€™t it get dark and then light at a go? Thatโ€™s how life turns out to be if you get rooted in one place. You light within and around you but yet still you choose to stay within the gloomy and dark area. Our heavenly father called out to us to be the light of the world so do not forsake his graces and blessings for you are that special.

Ever tried taking different view angles with your camera or looking at yourself from different angles in a mirror, does it transform you into something you are not? NO, you know why??because no matter what you do you will forever remain your unique self, unless you use plastic surgery and the like of course, so stop trying to change what cannot be changed and rather aim at refurbishing it, making it up, because you can make something out of the little you have and even grow trees out of monkeys if you believe in the possibility and strength of your aim and vision.



  • KNOW WHAT YOU WANT- set straight, realistic and attainable aims and goals that will serve as a tracker for you progress in life.


  • EVALUATE YOURSELF: Learn who you are, your interests, your dislikes, your abilities, your values your weaknesses and your strengths.


  • HAVE A CAN DO MENTALITY-Crack yourself out of that shell…Explore yourself beyond limits because in actual fact there is no limit in human capability. Believe in yourself, fill yourself with positivity, pray about it, and strive to outdo yourself in your previous achievements and failures. Only then can you realize your worth in life.


  • FIND MOTIVATION AND A SUPPORT GROUP-Because in life you can never achieve anything as a loner for whatever you do affects people around you. So find people who shall guide you when you trip and show you how to get up when you fall.

Lastly VIRTUALISE-see it happen, GET RID OF PROCASTINATION, DEAL WITH YOUR FEARS,RISK IT,AFFIRM IT,QUESTION IT AND ACT NOW Because it all starts with the right attitude. If you have self belief and can self actualize then you can get the grip of self realization.

Only then can you appreciate the little you get, laugh a little, cry a little, put all you have been through behind, look at life with a different perspective and let the blessings of the Lord work wonders in your life. Because itโ€™s about time you put a smile on your face, bring joy to your life and the life of those that you interact with. But hey realize it; this is a sick world where only those with survival medication survive its ailments. So do not succumb to peopleโ€™s ideologies so as to impress them because then you wonโ€™t be living. ACCEPT that you can NOT always impress people because some ought to be disappointed before, to be strong enough to stand all thatโ€™s thrown in their path of life. Therefore go out there and be nobody but your actual being;realize your being.


Kefilwe Lucy Headman


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