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“We All Have A Chance To Make A Change”- Gloria Kgosi

To some, Gloria Kgosi will always be labelled as a snob that doesn’t respect other people, but one thing for sure she is one of the few celebrities who are compassionate. She uses her position as a media expert to influence people in remote areas positively. So many of our public figures are movers and shakers only in urban areas, but Maglow’s hand stretches a bit further.


“We all have a chance to make a change , together we can heal the world make it warm for the ones left in the cold,” she tweeted this powerful statement. Her tweet was followed by people applauding her for the good work that she does. One of the Vision 2016 pillars is for us to be a caring and compassionate nation, andย Gloria is already a pioneer.

Blessed is the hand that gives, so says the Bible. Gloria being a Christians knows the meaning of these words and she practice what she preaches. As much as she has her own flaws like everybody else, it is equally imperative to look at her good deeds as well. Well done Gloria!

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