Why ATI would be even bigger in 2019

Have you ever wondered what our local music circles would have been like without the greatness displayed on stages across the country by the amazing ATI? Recently the young flamboyant music star has went into hiding but it is not the first he does that, we sure can attest that once he comes out of the closet he is consumed in then we have no choice but to dance to his great tunes. Out of stage,ATI is calm and collected usually throws a single giggle as you chat with him,his offstage approach to things wins people over. Who would forget the day that he (ATI )first started to appear in the public scenery at Wharic Park? His energy was unmatched and surpassed all levels of madnesst.

ATI will most likely be bringing back that fire to stage in 2019. What also makes him win is the willingness to always make a winning comeback, ATI o kile a sekama fa thanya ke fa “le thantse lekhete” sure that poiseness will help him garner more people to his side than ever.

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