You are what you wear

Fashion is a term for style in clothing, footwear, accessories and makeup and hairstyle, and it changes with time. The fashion back in the eighties was totally different from that of today’s generation.


There is a saying that goes “it takes seven seconds for someone to make an opinion based on your look and seven years to change that opinion.”So clearly it says sometimes a book is judged by its cover, you being the book. A lot more often than not, our sense of dressing is a reflection of what we are thinking and what we are feeling, clothing is an extension of who we are. When shopping for clothes we consider consciously or unconsciously our age, body size, culture, and our lifestyle and for most of us, especially women, shopping takes a lot of time, we think deeply as to what to pick because dressing is a big part of our image. Always look your best because if you look good you feel good and if you feel good you do good.


Pearl Tsholofelo Loeto


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