10 Shocking Reasons Why You Have Haters!

No matter how good a person you are, you are bound to have someone who does not really like you. We don’t live in a perfect world, hence it makes a lot of sense that not everyone will love you. In such a world you will make enemies just as you make friends and there will be people who hate you as much as their will be people who love you. Some of the following reasons will help you understand why some people do not like you as much as you would have wanted them to.


1. Because They Want To Be Like You.

People who want to be like you but can’t, might hate you. While a psychologically stable person will try to become better, an unstable person will just hate anyone who does better than him.

2. You Remind Them Of Their Failures.

Hatred is an emotion that the mind uses to keep a person safe by keeping him away from people who might harm him. If you are successful at anything then some people might feel like losers when they see you and as a result hatred kicks in to protect them. In other words you might be hated because you are really good.

3. They Think Your Life Is Great.

People can hate others when they believe they are living great lives. This usually happens when people compare themselves to others and find out that they are misfortune compared to them.

4. They Are Helpless.

People who aren’t helpless improve their lives, change and seek new goals. The ones who are helpless just hate the ones who are bright, simply because they can’t do anything to become like them.

5. You Remind Them Of What They Lack.

All humans want to be the best among their friends but psychologically unstable ones will hate those who are better than them at anything. You get better grades? You have more friends? You look a bit better? You have a better body? You have a better job? Then you might be hated for that.

6. Because They Feel Worthless.

Brave people set goals and achieve them. Cowards run away from big goals then seek cheap victories to feel good about themselves. Some examples of cheap victories are gossiping, putting someone down or bullying someone. All of these actions help a person who already feels worthless to feel a bit better.

7.  They Don’t Feel Safe Around You.

People dislike the ones they don’t feel safe around. Those who suffer from anxiety or those who are too afraid to mingle with new people might dislike strangers just because they don’t feel safe around them. They prefer a small circle of friends that gives them the safety they need.

8. They Are Insecure

When a person thinks that someone is a threat he might hate him. People could be hating you because they feel insecure.

9. You Remind Them Of Someone Who Hurt Them.

People can unconsciously recall other people who resemble you when they first meet you. If you unconsciously remind a person of someone who hurt him, he might hate you. The problem here is with the person’s past not you.

10. To Stay Away From You.

Hatred is an emotion that has the purpose of keeping people away from the ones they hate. If people feel inferior to you then their minds might let them hate you in order to stay away from you.

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