Botswana’s Most Popular slang and meanings

Direng/dintshang- an expression usually used on weekends, to ask where its happening. if not then it simply means what are you up to?

Makhola- its a slang name for policemen

Skwatta-a word used to regard a soldier or someone in the army

Spoto- a slang word for a place where alcohol is sold and where groups hang out to drink

Jari- home

Cheri- a girl

zaka- a word that means money

mma board- used to regard a very beautiful girl or ones girlfriend

eitada- means hello, hi

Ntwana- a guy/friend/or a pal

Vatsey- used to say “how are you?”

Eish- an expression used to describe displease or unhappiness

Nyatsi- a mistress

Chaile- time up

Brayaka- my brother

Tiger- ten pula

Vaah- means go away

Majita/Magheng- people one hangs with

Skiem- a group of friends/peers

Hardeh- used to express apology or pity


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