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FME DJs “Trouble” Winter Merchandise Absolutely Irresistible

FME DJs”TROUBLE” winter merchandise absolutely irresistible. The trio launched their own clothing brand, “TROUBLE” early last year as promo for their “Trouble” album which was later released in October 2019 . A recent tweet read, “Mellow Trouble Sweater Capsule AVAILABLE NOW IN NAVY” on their official Twitter account and we are in awe at the cool choice of color options available for purchase.

Fresh Mafia Entertainment DJs, popularly known as ‘FME DJs’, or ‘The Deadly Trio’, have been consistent with their come up. Their work speaks for itself, and often trends before anything official is launched. What started off as promo T-shirts has grown into a hot-selling lucrative clothing line. The latest addition to the ‘TROUBLE’ collection is the TROUBLE BATWING SLEEVES valued at P250.00 and the TROUBLE OVERSIZE COAT valued at P600.00, which were advertised on their different social media platforms.

“Okay this is fire” @ boyoyo_seithamo’s caption on her retweet of the original post. Orders stay coming in and fans are always more than happy to show pictures of themselves wearing the branded clothing as a sign of support to the ‘iLifestyle” hit-makers for the coolest winter drip in town.

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