My confessions

Dear Friend

I have a confession to make, I really don’t want to lie to you anymore. It hurts me to tell you this but it’s too heavy for me to carry now. I hope this won’t change the way you look at me or the way you tell me how I am beautiful. It’s always different when you say it, it sound more real and it sounds like you actually mean it even though we both know you only say it when you are on top of me. It doesn’t matter really, as long as you managed to pay the bills and feed those dogs that you call your friends, I can never understand why they can never settle for one woman in their life….but I have managed to study your patterns, the dog patterns, they treat a women like a blunt, puff and pass.

My friend, I pray that one day the lust you have for me may materialize into love, just like the word of God came to flesh. Oh yes I know these verses, I think John wrote that. That’s the only book I read in the bible, John, I wonder if he looked as beautiful as you, charming eyes and if he had a voice as deep and vibrant as yours. I imagine is there really a man like that, really, I don’t want to laugh, silly me. Back to my confession, John I am tied, I don’t even know where to start to explain but this is where it ends. John I am pregnant, I have found a new lover, a man that cares for me, even when I am sleeping I dream of him and he watches my face as if it’s the first time to see it every day. He hugs me in warmth and love, something you didn’t know. You remember when I read John, well I decided to read Mathew also, then I met Luke and Mark, soon I decided to look at genesis and before you know it I am up and down being directed by a voice in me to read this book.

See john, I am pregnant with the word of God, oh yes John. Who would have thought that I would be born again, oh well… John do take that bible and read yourself, ohk. But my biggest confession is that I am a new creation, He died for my sins and yours, I am free. Bye John, I have begun a walk with Christ so I don’t need your car, infact I won’t need you. It’s raining outside but I decided to take a walk, I love you John, that’s why I took the time to write you this letter. I won’t miss you though….but I will pray for you and your friends.

Bye old friend.


Old Friend

Short story by; Kitso Letsatle


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