Sandfire hiring candidates for positions in Ghanzi

Sandfire invites suitably qualified candidates to apply for the following positions tenable in Ghanzi:


Shift Supervisor (Ref 082)

Reporting to the Process Operations Superintendent, this position is responsible for meeting all production requirements in a safe, timely and efficient manner and to coordinate and assist in supervising a plant processing team to maximize safety and improve productivity.

Key Performance Areas

• Ensuring that plant operational targets are within guidelines to meet metallurgical targets.

• Monitoring trends and plant measurements to ensure optimal plant performance.

• Coordinate, assign and monitor daily activities of operations personnel to ensure KPIs are achieved for optimal plant performance.

• Coordinate, prioritise and liaise with Maintenance personnel to ensure maintenance requirements are addressed in a timely manner.

• Oversee the preparation of plant log sheets and plant documents.

• Ensuring quality compliance with statutory regulations.

• Promoting a safe workplace and culture.

• Providing technical support and direction, coaching, and mentoring a team of Process Operators.

• Completing workplace inspections and investigations as required

Technical Competencies

• Proficient computer literacy pronto and MS Office

• Full understanding of industry safety standards

• Comprehensive knowledge of basic software, such as Word and Excel

Behaviours/Personal Attributes

• Honesty, reliability, hardworking and be a good team player.

• Ability to work effectively under pressure and manage competing priorities.

• Evidence in driving high performance across diverse teams.

• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

• Ethical and reliable leader

• Previous experience as a Shift Supervisor or similar role

Qualification & Experience

• Tertiary qualification in Chemical Engineering / Mineral Processing or related field related discipline will be an added advantage.

• Valid Light Duty Vehicles Driver’s License.

• Minimum 5 years’ experience as a leading hand/process supervisor in the mining industry.

• Track record in delivering effective supervision, leadership, and technical expertise to processing teams

Operations Leading Hand (Ref 083)

The Operations Leading Hand is responsible for supporting the Operations Supervisor in coordinating, leading, and supervising day-to-day plant operations and activities. In this role the candidate will be instrumental in developing a productive, engaging, and safe workplace for all employees in the plant

Key Performance Areas

• Assist the Operations Supervisor in the planning, monitoring, and leading of day-to-day plant operations and activities of plant personnel to achieve long term sustainability of the process plant and equipment.

• Conduct quality control on various plant operations

• Liaise with contractors to ensure timelines and work rates are in line with budgeted operations costs

• Operate process plant machines as required

• Supervision of all works completed onsite to ensure the required quality and productivity

• Coordinating tasks and ensuring adherence to safe work method statements and risk assessments

• Assisting with co-ordination, management, and scheduling of activities to ensure that equipment and resources are efficiently utilised to meet process plant outcomes

• Liaise with sub-contractors and internal team to achieve productive outcomes for the Plant

• Providing reports on works completed

• Resourcing plant and material for the works including programming the works.

Technical Competencies

• Analytical, Problem Solving

• Decision-Making Skills

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office and data entry software.

Behaviours/Personal Attributes

• Strong safety mindset and track-record

• Be hardworking

• Be eager to learn new skills

• High level of interpersonal and communication skills including team building and time management.

• High level of work ethics, including motivation and enthusiasm

Qualification & Experience

• BGEC or Matric

• Tertiary qualification in Mineral Processing or related field related discipline will be an added advantage

• Valid Botswana Class B Drivers Licence

• 3+ years of experience within the mining operations industry

• Strong experience with inventory software and control systems

Dayshift Operator (Ref 084)

This position is responsible for the safe operation of process equipment within the Process Plant to achieve production targets effectively and in a timely manner. The Process Plant Day Shift Operator reports to the Process Plant Operations Shift Supervisor.

Key Performance Areas

• Operate all processes and related equipment in adherence to safe operating procedures.

• Monitor and analyse process data and take actions to optimize plant performance.

• Perform Lockout/Tag out of process equipment.

• Complete operational inspections and housekeeping tasks in designated sections of the plant.

• Monitor reagents quantity and inventory.

• Routine maintenance and cleaning of mill equipment; (Troubleshooting operational upsets and minor technical issues).

• Ensure that all safety issues are reported to the Shift Supervisor and promptly remedied.

• Work collaboratively with other departments to ensure effective decision making.

• Promote a positive health, safety and environment culture and the Internal Responsibility System

• Adhere and enforce all aspects of the company’s health, safety and environmental policies and procedures and ensure incidents are promptly reported.

Technical Competencies

• Demonstrated commitment to safe working practices.

• Display good problem-solving skills with a mechanical aptitude to handle minor projects.

• Attention to details

• Able to work in heights, confined spaces

• Ability to work without supervision while carrying out duties.

• Excellent numerical skills and computer literacy

Behaviours/Personal Attributes

• Capability to handle multiple tasks or assignments at the same time.

• Ability to discern and respond to verbal and auditory signals from control panel

• Ability to manage multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment

Qualification & Experience

• Minimum High School certificate or BGCSE or equivalent

• Above average results in Mathematics and Chemistry

• Minimum three years’ experience operating in a mineral process treatment plant, preferably in a gold plant.

• Experience in crushing, conveying, grinding and recovery

• Valid Botswana Class B Drivers Licence

Crushing operator (Ref 085)

This position is responsible for feeding a crushing plant, completing all necessary daily paperwork to ensure continuity of flow, safety, and efficient operation, and to detect malfunctions.

Key Performance Areas

• Ensure crusher is always level, move controls to start, stop, or adjust machinery and equipment that crushes, grinds, polishes, or blends materials

• Maintain site cleanliness, and perform general labour activities, including but not limited to shovelling in and around the belts and crusher.

• Checks stockpile to ensure product quality and mix material to desired consistency.

• Read work orders to determine production specifications and information.

• Inspect chains, belts, or scrolls for signs of wear, perform daily checks on conveyors, screen deck and crusher box

• Clean, lubricate, and perform routine maintenance work on machinery (mechanical experience preferred)

• Report crusher issues and required wear parts to the Shift Supervisor in a timely manner

• Perform tracked conveyor moves as needed

• Adjust crusher settings to optimize performance

• Collect materials samples for laboratory testing

• Maintain strong communications with ground labours to ensure efficient and safe workflow

• Remove build up from under or around crushers and beltlines

• Inspects belt scale and clean daily & record scale readings

• Shut down equipment as required in the event of an emergency, blockages, or end of shift

• Conduct daily pre-shift safety checks (area inspection)

Technical Competencies

• Welding/torch cutting experience desired

• Knowledge of soils, and aggregate classification to help produce spec material through the crushing operation

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

• Excellent networking and time management skills.

Behaviours/Personal Attributes

• Strong communication and interpersonal skills

• Ability to perform manual labour and lift to 25 kilograms

• Flexible to work shifts – extended hours, and weekends

• Capable of working independently when needed

• Able to promote a positive and safe work environment in a physically demanding and fast paced work environment

• Comfortable working outdoors, in extreme weather conditions, and in a noisy and dusty environment

Qualification & Experience

• Minimum High School certificate or BGCSE or equivalent

• Valid Botswana Class B Drivers Licence

• Experience with inventory software and control systems

• Previous crushing experience would be an added advantage

• Have mechanical knowledge and experience with general crushing equipment maintenance

Concentrate Loading Operator (Ref 086)

The Concentrate Loading Operator is responsible for the various monitoring and processing operations of the ore at the processing plant. To monitor and coordinate the execution of business for concentrates logistics department.

Key Performance Areas

• Participate in ore concentration and transformation operations (bagging, spherization and coating);

• Keep the different types of concentrator equipment in a safe condition by applying health and safety rules and directives.

• Perform equipment lockouts.

• Organise bulk, bags / container, truck shipments of concentrates: cargo packing, cargo loading, cargo discharge, transportation itself, trans-shipment, storage

• Prepare and submit commercial cargo invoices to Finance and Supply Chain team, organize settlement of invoices in coordination with Trade Finance.

• Organize operations for weighting, sampling, and assaying of concentrates cargoes.

• Dealing with surveyors and laboratories, understanding facilities on the ground for weighting and sampling procedures.

• Handling data entry in the system, working with exposure, cargo reports.

Technical Competencies

• Ability to handle voluminous data entry and analysis in our upcoming ERP system in order to assist the Shift Supervisors in their day-to-day role.

• Numerical skills and Logical thinking

• Proactive and Hard working

• Fluent English

• Good verbal and written communication skills

• Be diligent and thorough in approach.

• Strong drive and personal sense of ownership and accountability for circuit operations.

• Excellent problem solving and decision-making abilities

Behaviours / Personal Attributes

• Ability to work and manage problems/actions across the timeframe of one shift.

• Be a team player

• Ability to work under time constraints and deadlines

Qualification & Experience

• Minimum High School certificate or BGCSE or equivalent

• Valid driver’s license

• Minimum two (2) years’ experience in mineral processing is a prerequisite

• Experience operating a crushing and/or grinding and/or flotation circuit

Mill Operator (Ref 087)

The Mill Operator is responsible for monitoring and controlling all aspects of the milling process, including feeding the crushed ore into the mill, operating equipment to break down ore into required aggregate.

Key Performance Areas

• Operating and monitoring various circuits in the processing plant as required by the supervisor.

• Routine changing of circuits as directed by the supervisor will be required to gain experience and be familiar with changes in plant operation.

• Develop an understanding of all the mill circuits through training, reading, and hands-on experience and focusing on progressing through the mill operator proficiency system.

• Identify maintenance problems and maintain acceptable housekeeping in designated area.

• Work at heights and in confined space, operate mobile equipment and overhead crane as required

• Comply with all environmental regulations and assist with spill prevention by reporting problems to the supervisor or area operator and helping to deploy sandbags for containment

• Complete assignments throughout the mill areas that contribute to the processing of high-grade ore to meet the target in an efficient, and safe manner while minimising environmental impacts and costs

• Identify safety hazards and rectify/control.

• Adhere to and enforce all aspects of the company’s health, safety and environmental policies and procedures.

• Coordinate and control the execution of a stage of metal and mineral processing

• Operate central process control machinery.

• Monitor computerized data, circuit screens, and valves

• Maintain production records, complete operating checks according to instructions given by the supervisor and deliver to the supervisor prior to end of each shift.

• Inspect the circuit regularly and report all spillage and leaks.

• Complete shift handover.

Technical Competencies

• Possess ability to analyse and understand metallurgical & equipment information.

• Strong drive and personal sense of ownership and accountability for circuit operations.

• Ability to work and manage problems/actions across the timeframe of one shift.

• Capable of wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Behaviours/Personal Attributes

• Good verbal and written communication skills

• Be diligent and thorough in approach.

• Be a team player

• Work outdoors with a potential exposure to extreme climatic conditions

Qualification & Experience

• Minimum High School certificate or BGCSE or equivalent

• Valid light duty driver’s license

• At least 2 years’ experience in a processing plant, with exposure to grinding processes, preferably in copper production

Floatation Operator (Ref 088)

The Floatation Operator is responsible for maximising tonnage throughput, recoveries, and final concentrate grades within the flotation circuit.

Key Performance Areas

• Operation of Ball mill, Pumps, Conveying systems, Concentrators, Filters, Thickeners, Compressors, Flotation Cells, and Mobile Equipment such as Overhead Crane, Telehandlers and Skid steer.

• Perform pre-operational checks and operate equipment according to Standard operating procedures (SOP’S).

• Monitor equipment and processes including adjustments as required.

• Trouble shooting activities when problems arise.

• Participate in daily weekly monthly safety meeting.

• Produces an hourly (or as needed) detailed chemical dosage report and shift report summarizing major events and production results

• Daily contact with Production and Mechanical Supervisors to discuss maintenance requirements and problems to ensure minimal interruption to the operation

• Perform plant housekeeping activities as required.

• Other duties as assigned.

• Working closely with the Metallurgy department to achieve daily targets which include recovery, maximising concentrate grades, parameters set and assuring daily targets are met.

Technical Competencies

• Knowledge of basic mineral processing technologies and equipment

• Proactively identify and address risks before they arise as issues

• Use the talent and knowledge within the team to resolve problems.

Behaviours/Personal Attributes

• A willingness to be “hands on”

• Demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills and

• A strong commitment to working in a safe, socially responsible manner

• Be punctual to work and all required site meetings

Qualification & Experience

• Minimum High School certificate or BGCSE or equivalent

• Valid driver’s license

• Minimum two (2) years’ experience in mineral processing is a prerequisite

Concentrate Filter Operator (Ref 089)

The Operator is responsible for ensuring the ore sent from the concentrate filters to the evaporator feed tanks meet the correct specifications. The operator follows the established filter procedures, makes adjustments on the processes or processing equipment, manually or through a central processing computer.

Key Performance Areas

• Operates pumps to ensure seal water is on.

• Weighs and adds reagents as per guideline.

• Complete understanding of pressures to ensure tubes are not broken.

• Ability to drive forklift

• Knowledge of when and how to complete a batch down.

• Knowledge of appropriate valve sequence to send ore to the evaporator to ensure pipes do not burst.

• Properly document and monitor the filter process immediately prior to during and following the process.

• Stock filter aids in the filter and staging area.

• Able to use and understand basic laboratory equipment and procedures

Technical Competencies

• Knowledge and awareness of proper lifting techniques.

• Knowledge and awareness of chemicals used and proper PPE while using them.

• Knowledge and awareness of filtration aids and dust produced by them.

Behaviours/Personal Attributes

• This position requires the following physical demands up to 90% of the time:

• Must be able to lift and carry heavy weights.

• Must be able to carry weights up and down plant stairs.

• Must be able to stand during the shift

• Must be able to work in hot, humid and/or cold conditions.

Qualification & Experience

• Minimum High School certificate or BGCSE or equivalent

• Valid Light Duty Vehicles Driver’s License

• Minimum two (2) years’ experience in mineral processing is a prerequisite

• At least one year experience as a filter operator preferred

Reagents Operator (Ref 089)

The Reagents Operator is accountable for ensuring that reagents are offloaded, stock counted, dosed, and mixed according to the plant specification and to ensure reporting of deviations related to reagents and anything that can affect the running of reagents.

Key Performance Areas

• Performing the reagent mixing during dayshift hours and heavy manual labour duties to assist in the preparation of crushing, milling, and tailings activities

• When no mixing of reagents is required, the reagent operator will safely perform other jobs or clean up in the form mobile equipment type duties around the crushing area while wearing a respirator.

• when the crusher is be in operation employees are expected to take extra caution while updating their risk assessment tools as the task or conditions change.

• Equipment clean-up

• Pump monitoring

• Hose installation and maintenance

• Small and medium equipment operation

• Reagents quality control.

• Mixing reagents.

• Reagents flowrate measurements.

• Offloading of reagents.

• Safety inspections.

• Sampling.

• Reagents stock taking.

• Data capturing.

• Operate and be in charge of reagent equipment.

• Reporting deviations outside of process parameter immediately to Shift Supervisor.

• Housekeeping in the section to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Technical Competencies

• Ability to perform a variety of manual tasks requiring the use of independent judgment and action

• Ability to operate required equipment in a safe and responsible manner

• Ability to follow a firm work schedule as directed

Behaviours/Personal Attributes

• Team player

• Communication skills

• Attention to detail

• Problem solving ability

• Decision making.

Qualification & Experience

• Minimum High School certificate or BGCSE or equivalent

• Valid driver’s license,

• Above average grades in Mathematics & Science

Control-Room Operator (Ref 091)

This position is responsible for monitoring the processing plant equipment and making adjustments as needed. The Operator will be operating the control room for metal working processes, monitoring and control of working speed, and productiveness of plant machinery.

Key Performance Areas

• Ensure that all equipment in the plant is working properly by running tests and diagnosing problems.

• Monitoring alarms to ensure that equipment is functioning properly.

• Recording data on computer systems or writing down information on paper charts

• Controlling all plant operations and monitoring plant performance during emergencies to ensure they are functioning correctly

• Maintaining records of daily operations, including maintenance schedules and equipment performance

• Responding to alarms by contacting Operators at the concerned section or initiating emergency response procedures

• Documenting events in a logbook or computerised system to track equipment status and record system performance

• Responding to emergencies by operating equipment such as alarm systems, generators, pumps, and sprinkler systems

• Monitoring real time data from equipment such as chemical concentration levels to ensure that it does not exceed safe limits.

Technical Competencies

• Technical skills to operate the equipment

• Ability to read and interpret data, graphs, and other information

• Ability to pay close attention to detail when monitoring systems and responding to alarms

• Problem-solving skills are essential.

Behaviours/Personal Attributes

• Teamwork skills

• Must be able to sit or stand for long periods of time and to work in a confined space.

Qualification & Experience

• Minimum High School certificate or BGCSE or equivalent

• Valid driver’s license,

• Above average grades in Mathematics & Science

• At least Certificate in computer science, information technology

• Minimum two (2) years’ experience in mineral processing is a prerequisite

Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Operator (Ref 092)

This position is responsible for monitoring and operation of pipes and valves at the Tailings Storage Facility as per site specific requirements.

Key Performance Areas

• Distributing tailings evenly in basin to form dam of waste materials

• Valve operations – open and close pump valves as pe Shift supervisor’s instruction

• Report down time on pumps

• Report any leakages and spillages as soon as it happens

• Keep communication open with site Operators with regards to density control, flow control and the stopping and starting of Hydraulic Monitoring Units

• Observing incoming and outgoing line pressure

• Safeguarding of equipment and tools

• Inspect pumps and valves, pulleys, pressure gauges before and at the end of shift

• Maintain good housekeeping, cleaning of pump chambers

• Report all unsafe incidents and acts, conduct daily risk assessments

• Perform any other duties as assigned by the Water and Tailings Specialist

• Use correct PPE as per the task requirements

Technical Competencies

• Able to work with little or no supervision.

• Accountable

• Ability to understand and apply verbal and written work and safety-related instructions and procedures given in English

• Ability to communicate in English with respect to job assignments, job procedures, and applicable safety standards

Behaviours/Personal Attributes

• Must be able to work in a potentially stressful environment

• Able to able to work with little or no supervision

• Physical fitness – the job requires a lot of walking and standing

• Ability to be on a Personal protective equipment as required by the work condition

Qualification & Experience

• Minimum High School certificate or BGCSE or equivalent

• Valid driver’s license


Supply Chain Manager (Ref 093)

Reporting to the General Manager – Motheo Operations, the Supply Chain Manager is responsible for all aspects of the supply chain management and administration functions for the Motheo Copper Mine.

Key Performance Areas

• Responsible for processing planning, forecasting, material procurement, inventory control, warehousing, rate setting, outsourcing, vendor selection, and service providers.

• Identify and lead strategic supplier or outsourcing efforts including identification, selection negotiations, contract process and implementation to meet all requirements for corporal legal requirements, safety, ethics, quality, delivery, and costs.

• Lead supplier consolidation efforts across various business units.

• Develop and perform audit and review process of current suppliers for compliance to terms, conditions, performance and engagement standards, risk identification and mitigation.

• Manage supplier relationships, handle communications and negotiations with suppliers.

• Lead inventory management processes to improve inventory turns and reduce excess & obsolete materials, prevent excess stock and backorders.

• Assure that departmental and support personnel are focused on continuous improvement of products and processes.

• Collaborate with operations managers and plant level purchasing teams to implement proper sourcing practices and policies, develop plant level sourcing objectives.

• Support the Processing and other departments with supplier and/ or product data as needed.

• Balance safety, cost management and business growth then prepare and submit reports.

• Provide administration expertise to ensure adequate services support ito camp management, transportation contracts and general office management.

Technical Competencies

• Ability to use good judgment to carry out detailed instructions

• Demonstrated experience with offshore sourcing, supply chain management, piece part manufacturing and assembly operations for electronic and mechanical products.

• Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills with a proven ability to create and maintain positive working relationships with vendors, suppliers, shippers, and customers.

• Strong supervisory and leadership skills.

• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.

• Thorough understanding of mine required products and logistics.

Behaviours/Personal Attributes

• Dependable and reliable

• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

• Ability to use good judgment to carry out detailed instructions

Qualification & Experience

• Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, or related field preferred or comparable experience in Supply Chain Management

• Valid CIPS membership will be an added advantage

• Valid Light Duty Vehicles Driver’s License

• 5 years + experience in a senior supply chain role in mining operations

To find out more about any of these positions please refer to the following link




Alternatively, you can apply by submitting your CV and cover letter, academic certificates include the position title and reference number as a subject to careers@tshukudumetals.co.bw

Closing Date: 3rd October 2022

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