YDF Process Re-Engineered To Take 30 Days

The Botswana golden jubilee seems to have a lot of positive things for the youth. To promote the development of competitive of sustainable and growth oriented citizen owned youth enterprises, Youth Development fund has taken up in their hands to speed up the application process.

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Hon Thapelo Olopeng has announced that his ministry staff have been going through orientation as a way of trying to improve their service delivery. YDF process has been re-engineered to take 30 days as opposed to 3 to 6 months. “In case you face challenges with any of our programs or the office serving you, let us know through my Facebook page, District Coordinator or any other MYSC office. For reference remember to ask for the name of the officer who was serving you,” the Minister said.

Youth Development Fund is an empowerment program aimed at promoting active participation of youth in the socio-economic development of the country. It aims to encourage the out-of-school, marginalized and unemployed youth to venture into sustainable and viable income generating projects. The program aims to reduce rural-urban migration by making it attractive to start growth-orientated enterprises at rural areas.



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