Francistown gardens to Bonfire tomorrow

The city of Francistown will be set on fire this Saturday. Fun lovers are expected to throng to the Molapo Leisure Gardens for the second Bonfire event held annually in the second city of Botswana. The event will be held under the theme ‘Lighting up fire to warm the kids’ hearts’. Francistown inhabitants having been proponents of fun crises have been promised a safe weekend at the event by the event planners. According to the planners, everything is in place for the event.

More night crawlers are expected to be at the event as it has since been revealed by theorganizers. According to the event organizers, more attempts have been made to get to Francistowners to get to this year’s event. The show will start at 10am with fun activities set to entertain the kids. Later in the evening the event will be only set for those that gulp up a few liquids on the throats. The line for the enetertainers have not been revealed yet but it is said that there are a number of great artists to take fun lovers through the night.

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